Train and Flight Ticket


Handling fee is $5 per ticket, you can fill in multiple QTY based upon your travel plan.

You must have sufficient deposit with 24hourchina .

You must send us your passport photocopy with visa to 24Hourchina, this is required by China authorities.

Don’t forget send your train and flight information to 72 hours ahead your boarding. Also 24Hourchina can choose the best communication option for you.

In busy season and holiday, booking is not guaranteed. The earlier, the better!

All balance will be refunded after your trip.


SKU: Train and flight ticket

**24hourchina can purchase tickets(≤ $100 total) without sufficient deposit in case of rush and emergency, limitation applies. 24Hourchina may ask for your passport photocopy with your visa as well as your international flight ticket information and your home address to prior to booking.


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